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Hello, my name is Walter. Over the past few months, I have been working on my car. I never used to think much about my car. I would just jump into it and hit the road. Things were fine at first, but soon I realised that things were starting to go wrong. Strange white smoke started to appear from the exhaust. Sometimes when I changed gear, I could hear a strange noise. Foolishly, I ignored all of this until my car broke down. When I got to the auto repair shop the mechanic repaired my car and then gave it a full service. As he did so, I began my auto servicing education.



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Auto Repairs and Servicing

Pros of Choosing To Have Your Engine Rebuilt

by Margie White

One of the most catastrophic problems that your car could develop is engine trouble. If your engine is malfunctioning, chances are your vehicle will be inoperable. Some of the common reasons why your engine may decline include a damaged pump, consistent overheating and more, which would lead to the various components in the engine to succumb to disrepair. When some motorists find out they have engine trouble, their first instinct is to replace the engine. However, this is not the only solution that is available to you. Engine rebuilding is steadily becoming an attractive alternative due to the benefits that it affords motorists and their vehicles. The following are a couple of the pros of choosing to have you engine rebuilt:

Rebuilding your engine would be cost efficient

Car repairs can be exorbitantly expensive, especially if they entail replacing a crucial component, such as your vehicle's engine. Opting to rebuild your engine would be perfect for individuals that had not budgeted for a replacement engine and would like an affordable solution. The main component that would be used in restoring your engine would be a second-hand motor. This motor will have been disassembled and cleaned thoroughly to ensure that it looks as good as new. The mechanic will follow this up by upgrading and repowering the various parts of the motor to recondition it. If only the motor is replaced, you would be getting a partial rebuild. However, if your engine were severely damaged, it would require a complete rebuild, which would entail the replacement of all worn out elements such as valves, gaskets, crankshafts and more. Thus, in essence, you would be getting a new engine but at a fraction of the cost.

Rebuilding your engine would upgrade the performance of your car

Another positive of choosing to have your engine rebuilt is that you effectively address the major issues that your vehicle is afflicted with, all in one go. When your engine is defective, it will manifest in a vast range of car problems. Some of the issues that you would start to notice include (but are not limited to) decreased fuel efficiency, loss of power as you drive, misfiring of the engine and a general decline in the functioning of your vehicle. An engine rebuild can address multiple issues at once, as all the damaged components would all be overhauled. As a result, you boost the performance of your vehicle while also decreasing the chances of experiencing car problems in the short-term.