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Hello, my name is Walter. Over the past few months, I have been working on my car. I never used to think much about my car. I would just jump into it and hit the road. Things were fine at first, but soon I realised that things were starting to go wrong. Strange white smoke started to appear from the exhaust. Sometimes when I changed gear, I could hear a strange noise. Foolishly, I ignored all of this until my car broke down. When I got to the auto repair shop the mechanic repaired my car and then gave it a full service. As he did so, I began my auto servicing education.



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Auto Repairs and Servicing

Top 3 Reasons to Have Your Truck Repairs Done at an Authorised Dealership

by Margie White

Truck breakdowns are never a good thing for companies and truck drivers. When they happen, immediate repairs will have to be performed to keep business running.

You have two options when it comes getting truck repairs done – to take your truck to an independent mechanic or to seek out an authorised dealership. Both options have unique pros and cons, but your vehicle manufacturer may recommend that you seek out a dealer while your truck is under warranty. Here's a look at some key reasons to consider having your truck repaired at a dealership.

Experienced Team of Truck Repairers 

The mechanics at an authorised dealerships work on specific truck makes and models. Hence, they have a great understanding of common issues with specific vehicle makes and models. If you take your truck to them for repair service, you can rest assured that they'll know all the intricate details of how the particular vehicle make works. 

Because they'll be able to accurately troubleshoot for problems, dealer mechanics ensure the truck repair work is done correctly the first time. This can save you both time and money that may be spent on subsequent repairs if the initial repair work isn't done correctly. 

Availability of Quality Parts

If the parts used to repair your truck do not conform to the required performance standards for the particular make, your vehicle won't function normally. Since auto dealerships act as agents of the original vehicle makers, they only use parts that are compatible with the manufacturers' specifications. Hence, you can be sure that the parts used in your vehicle will fit and work well. 

The best part is that you won't have to pay a dime for many parts while your vehicle is still under warranty.

Advanced Technical Knowledge and Equipment

Auto dealerships get a lot of technical support from the original vehicle manufacturers. They also have the factory knowledge and specialised diagnostics equipment required to get to the root cause of most truck problems. This improves the overall quality of repair servicing offered at these auto repair facilities.

While auto dealerships are known for fixing vehicles according to the vehicle manufacturers' specifications, there are also some great independent mechanics out there. If you can't take your truck for repair service at a dealership because of one reason or another, you can always seek out an independent mechanic. Just make sure they're able to get the job done correctly the first time.