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Hello, my name is Walter. Over the past few months, I have been working on my car. I never used to think much about my car. I would just jump into it and hit the road. Things were fine at first, but soon I realised that things were starting to go wrong. Strange white smoke started to appear from the exhaust. Sometimes when I changed gear, I could hear a strange noise. Foolishly, I ignored all of this until my car broke down. When I got to the auto repair shop the mechanic repaired my car and then gave it a full service. As he did so, I began my auto servicing education.



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Auto Repairs and Servicing

4 Top Tips for Car Maintenance

by Margie White

Buying a vehicle is a considerable investment; therefore, it is crucial to carry out proper maintenance of your automobile. Lack of adequate vehicle maintenance may lead to severe issues. Maintaining your car will improve the safety of your family as well as other road users. Moreover, maintaining your vehicle is a straightforward procedure that involves changing the oil, checking tire pressure and checking your vehicle's engine fluids. Here are four tips that will assist you in maintaining your car:

1. Inspect the air filter

Air filters are among the essential parts of your car. As you drive your vehicle, it continuously extracts atmospheric air for mixing with the fuel. The atmospheric air consists of dirt and debris, and thanks to the air filter you can filter out such materials to maintain your vehicle's peak performance. Your air filters will get dirty with time; therefore, you should inspect them regularly and replace or clean them according to their condition.

2. Take care of the tires

Tires that are in good condition are not only good for vehicle maintenance but also for your safety. You should examine the tire pressure once monthly. An underinflated tire has a negative effect on fuel efficiency. You can also rotate your tires after every 6000 miles. When inspecting your tires, take a look at the thread for signs of bald points or bulges; if your tire has such danger signs, then you should replace it immediately. Additionally, you can check your spare tire once a month to see if it's usable in case of a flat tire.

3. Check the brakes

If you ignore your brake issues, you are putting your life, your passengers and other road users at risk. The causes of poor brake performance include the brake pedal, brake fluid, brake pads and the rotor. Check the brakes for unusual issues before contacting a professional to do brake repairs, since they have the knowledge and experience with such matters.

4. Check your clutch

Apart from brake repairs, you should also watch out signs such as slipping gears, sticking clutch or burning smoke/smell. Such issues may indicate that you need a clutch repair or replacement. Clutch repair, as well as replacement, can vary depending on the make of your vehicle. As with brake repairs, it is prudent to hire a professional to fix your clutch issues. 

Your automobile consists of a glut of parts that require maintenance to keep them running smoothly. In case one component fails, it could cause problems on the entire vehicle. Regular car maintenance will assist you in identifying imminent issues.