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Hello, my name is Walter. Over the past few months, I have been working on my car. I never used to think much about my car. I would just jump into it and hit the road. Things were fine at first, but soon I realised that things were starting to go wrong. Strange white smoke started to appear from the exhaust. Sometimes when I changed gear, I could hear a strange noise. Foolishly, I ignored all of this until my car broke down. When I got to the auto repair shop the mechanic repaired my car and then gave it a full service. As he did so, I began my auto servicing education.



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Auto Repairs and Servicing

Car Servicing Following Off-Road or Cross-Country Driving: A Guide

by Margie White

If you have recently completed an off-road or cross-country trip in your car, it is important to have the vehicle serviced. This article will explore how servicing can help you to keep your motor in tip-top condition.

Removing sand and dirt

During servicing, the auto mechanic will remove any sand and dirt inside filters and vents. A build-up of sand and dirt can cause serious issues, such as corrosion or parts and the overheating of the engine. Block filters can also result in poor fuel consumption.

Servicing worn-out shocks

Your auto mechanic will service or replace any worn-out parts. This is of special importance if you have driven on an off-road adventure where there were many obstacles to tackle. This type of driving can batter your shock absorbers or struts.

Balancing tyre pressure

During cross-country or off-road driving, the pressure inside your car's tyres may decrease, resulting in an unbalanced ride. Road force balancing prevents an imbalance of pressure between each tyre. This is capable of increasing the grip of your vehicle and its steering. 

Aligning wheels

Proper wheel alignment is essential to drive smoothly, especially after off-road use. It prevents irregular and uneven wear of the tires and increases performance and fuel efficiency. The mechanic can also check the alignment of the axles as they may become bent out of shape due to regular off-road use.

Flushing your brake fluid

Servicing prevents brake fluid from getting contaminated. This can happen on cross country rides where you encounter many clouds of dust and water splashes. Your auto mechanic will flush your brake fluid and replace it with clean, fresh new fluid that is safe for your car's braking system.

Protecting your cooling system

During servicing, a coolant flush is done to clean out the radiator and top up with fresh coolant. The cleaning removes all rust, dirt and debris from the cooling system, protecting it from further damage due to contamination. The top-up can also help to remove any air bubbles that may have formed in the cooling system.

Changing your spark plugs

Spark plugs can become contaminated with sulphur or carbon build-ups, which cause energy loss and may lead to engine overheating. The auto mechanic will replace worn-out spark plugs to make sure your car is firing on all cylinders.

For more information and advice, you should contact your local car servicing centre. A mechanic will be happy to help you.