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Hello, my name is Walter. Over the past few months, I have been working on my car. I never used to think much about my car. I would just jump into it and hit the road. Things were fine at first, but soon I realised that things were starting to go wrong. Strange white smoke started to appear from the exhaust. Sometimes when I changed gear, I could hear a strange noise. Foolishly, I ignored all of this until my car broke down. When I got to the auto repair shop the mechanic repaired my car and then gave it a full service. As he did so, I began my auto servicing education.



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Auto Repairs and Servicing

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Signs the Heat Exchangers in Your Heavy-Duty Machinery Needs Servicing

If you own a business that utilizes heavy-duty machinery, it's crucial to ensure it is always functioning properly. One vital component of heavy machinery that often goes unnoticed but requires regular attention is the heat exchanger. Neglecting the maintenance of heat exchangers can lead to costly breakdowns and repairs. In this blog post, we'll discuss the signs that indicate your heat exchangers need servicing, helping you avoid major headaches. Decreased Cooling Efficiency

A Comprehensive Insight into the Key Services Provided by Auto Repair Shops

Navigating the world of auto repair can often seem daunting. Armed with knowledge about the essential services offered by auto repair shops, however, one can approach this task with confidence. This blog aims to demystify the core offerings of auto repair shops, making it easier for vehicle owners to understand what's involved.  Routine Maintenance — The Lifeline of Your Vehicle Routine maintenance forms the cornerstone of any auto repair shop's services.

What Is a Transfer Box on a 4x4 Vehicle, and What Can Go Wrong with It?

Do you own a 4x4 vehicle and wonder what is a transfer box? It is an essential part of the drivetrain system, especially if you're into off-roading. However, when things go wrong with the box, it can be challenging to isolate the issue, so what do you need to know? What Is the Transfer Box? A transfer box is a critical part of a 4x4 vehicle's drivetrain system that is responsible for sending the engine's power to the front and rear axles.

Four Tips For Passing A Roadworthy Inspection In Australia On Your First Attempt

If you are planning on buying or selling car in Australia, it's important to ensure that it has passed its roadworthy inspection. This is a requirement of the Australian government, so if you don't pass your inspection, you won't be able to drive your car legally. In fact, if you are pulled over by police and fail to produce a valid roadworthy certificate, they can issue you with an on-the-spot fine.

What Are The Vulnerable Parts Of A Truck Air Suspension System?

Almost all heavy-duty trucks these days feature an air suspension system. It's remarkably resilient and can put up with a tremendous amount of wear and tear, but issues can arise as with anything else mechanical. What are some of the typical challenges in this area, and if you operate one of these vehicles, how can you avoid running into them? How The System Works Firstly, it's important to understand how an air suspension system works.

If You Cannot Start Your Car, a Simple Component May Be to Blame

When you turn the key in the ignition of your car or truck, you'd expect the engine to explode into life so you can set out on your journey. Yet, for this to happen, several individual components need to do their part in what seems outwardly like a simple operation. You could be stranded if one of those components does not work, but perhaps the starter relay is the simplest part.

Five Signs Your Car Needs Automatic Transmission Services

Automatic transmission fluid is the lifeblood of your vehicle. It keeps all of the components inside your automatic transmissions working properly and helps to keep your vehicle in top running condition. Because it is so important, you should have it checked regularly. Here are five signs that indicate that you need automatic transmission services. 1. The Transmission Is Noisy Transmissions can make a lot of noise and vibrations. However, if you notice a new type of noise, then it's time to take your car in for an inspection.

Do You Have Issues With Your Heavy Vehicle Suspension System?

If you're new to heavy vehicle ownership, you may realise that your truck relies on air suspension but may not know too much about it. Still, you'll want to take action if things start to go wrong, and it pays to have a general awareness of the situation to take the appropriate action. How does this suspension system work, why does it sometimes fail, and what are the symptoms at that time?

A Guide On Roadworthy Inspections

The roadworthy inspections concept is quite confusing for many Australians. They do not understand when and why they need the inspection in most cases. As such, they often get into trouble with the local authorities. Below is an article on roadworthy inspections in Australia.  What Are Roadworthy Inspections?  Roadworthy inspections assess whether your vehicle is fit for Australian roads. They are different from mechanical and pre-purchase inspections that assess the vehicle's mechanical condition.

Can a Car Battery Overheat?

While 2020 was only the fourth hottest year on record in Australia, that's little comfort for those who live in particularly toasty areas and have to deal with elevated temperatures throughout the summer. These onslaughts can also do a number on mechanical components and may begin to cause problems with your car or truck as well. Did you know that your car battery can also overheat in those unbearable summer months? How do you know this is happening, and is there anything you can do to prevent it?

Car Servicing Following Off-Road or Cross-Country Driving: A Guide

If you have recently completed an off-road or cross-country trip in your car, it is important to have the vehicle serviced. This article will explore how servicing can help you to keep your motor in tip-top condition. Removing sand and dirt During servicing, the auto mechanic will remove any sand and dirt inside filters and vents. A build-up of sand and dirt can cause serious issues, such as corrosion or parts and the overheating of the engine.

Body Kits: 3 Crucial Functions of Your Vehicle's Front Bumper Lip

The front bumper design includes strong steel behind flexible and absorbent plastic. The primary role of the bumper is to resist the impact caused by another car during a head-on collision. Furthermore, it protects the occupants of the auto from injuries in case of a minor accident.  The bumper lip is the strip of rubber affixed to the metal, and it comes in a variety of sizes and strengths. The body kit serves several functions on your vehicle, as discussed below.

Why You Should Never Overlook a Scheduled Vehicle A/C Service

If you're fortunate to have an air conditioning system at home, you know that it can work very well for long periods without too much in the way of maintenance. However, this is not the case when it comes to a similar system fitted to your car. This system will require more care for various reasons, and you certainly need to bring the vehicle in for an A/C service from time to time.

Ways Your Senses Can Clue You in to The Urgent Need for Brake Rotor Replacement

One thing that most motorists can agree on is that you cannot be safe on the road if your brakes are not in optimum condition. But while some people will concentrate on the health of their brake pads, it is important to know that your brake rotors are just as critical to the functioning of your braking system. And while the rotors are designed to last for a long time, they are not immune to eventual wear.

How Do You Know You Have Auto Electrical Problems? Find Out

Car electrical issues are among the most frustrating things that car owners have to deal with. Often, when the car develops an electrical issue, the first place to check is the battery to see whether it has failed or gotten damaged somehow. Most vehicle owners get stranded when they realise that they do not have a battery issue, but the car is still acting up. While modern vehicles have better electrical systems than their older counterparts, it is also possible for small electrical issues to lead to damages and even compromise your road safety.

Common Reasons Your Car Heater Is Blowing Cold Air

Your car's heating system utilises engine coolant to help control temperature and transport heat through the system. As the engine warms up, the temperature of the coolant increases due to its absorbing heat being emitted from the engine. Some of the coolant passes through the thermostat and goes on to regulate the temperature of the radiator and prevent the engine from overheating, and some of the coolant passes through the heater core and the heat from the coolant is transferred to the cabin of the car by a fan.

Understanding Insurance Car Repair

You may already know that the law does not allow you to drive a car on any road without an auto third-party or comprehensive insurance cover. This is mainly to ensure that you and other road users are protected if an accident occurs. Here's what you need to know about auto insurance and insurance car repair: Third-Party Versus Comprehensive Insurance Third-party insurance is usually cheaper than comprehensive insurance because it only covers damage or injuries incurred by third parties (other road users).

Why You May Need to Take Additional Care When Servicing an Older Automatic Transmission

If you own an older vehicle, then you know that it may need more tender, loving care than a newer version. It is particularly important that you pay attention to the automatic transmission as well and be very careful whenever you change the fluid. What do you need to look out for in particular? Protecting the Converter To enable an automatic transmission to work, special equipment within the casing is required.

Three Central Tips for Preparing to Acquire a Rent-to-Own Car

If you are looking to acquire a new vehicle, you should look into rent-to-own cars. This scheme is convenient for individuals interested in immediate access to a car but cannot purchase one outright. As implied, this option involves renting a car and committing to purchase it by making specific payments. The amount paid not only covers the rental costs, but it contributes to the purchase price of the vehicle. Here are some crucial preparation tips if you are interested in a rent-to-own car.

4 Top Tips for Car Maintenance

Buying a vehicle is a considerable investment; therefore, it is crucial to carry out proper maintenance of your automobile. Lack of adequate vehicle maintenance may lead to severe issues. Maintaining your car will improve the safety of your family as well as other road users. Moreover, maintaining your vehicle is a straightforward procedure that involves changing the oil, checking tire pressure and checking your vehicle's engine fluids. Here are four tips that will assist you in maintaining your car:

Inspection Areas of a 4WD Suspension Assembly When Planning for an Off-Road Trip

When preparing for a trip to the Australian outback, most campers ensure that they have all the necessities. The items include gas, barbecue grill, enough clean drinking water, first aid bag, warm clothing and a tent, among others. Regrettably, very few people spend adequate time preparing their vehicles or place too much focus on peripheral components. However, it is a grave mistake, especially if you don't make regular off-road drives in your 4WD.

Top 3 Reasons to Have Your Truck Repairs Done at an Authorised Dealership

Truck breakdowns are never a good thing for companies and truck drivers. When they happen, immediate repairs will have to be performed to keep business running. You have two options when it comes getting truck repairs done – to take your truck to an independent mechanic or to seek out an authorised dealership. Both options have unique pros and cons, but your vehicle manufacturer may recommend that you seek out a dealer while your truck is under warranty.

The Importance of Having Your Car Air Conditioning Checked By a Professional

Having access to an air conditioning system during the hot summer months is almost necessary. One of the places where you most benefit from your air conditioning system is your car. That box of closed metal can get really hot when the sun is shining. Almost all cars produced today come with built-in air conditioning. If the air conditioning in your car is starting to lose its power, it might be time to have it looked at by a professional.

Do You Know How Important Your Transfer Case Is?

A couple of generations ago, most vehicles on the road were two-wheel drive, and traction was provided by the rear wheels. Over the following years, there was a gradual progression towards the other end of the vehicle, as manufacturers realised that front wheel drive was more economical. In more recent times, however, most of the world's carmakers have decided that all-wheel drive is an even better solution, as they seek to provide improved stability and safety to car owners.

Why Do You Need to Pay Close Attention to Turbocharger Maintenance?

Many high-performance cars today are fitted with an expensive turbocharger. These components are designed to provide efficient power with a sizeable upgrade in performance to a relatively small engine, but they operate at very high speed and in tough conditions, so you really need to look after them. Did you know that oil contamination is one of the biggest issues linked to turbo failure and this is often due to poor quality maintenance on the part of the owner?

Just Bought Your First Car? Here Is All You Need to Know About Car Servicing

Once you have purchased your first vehicle, you undoubtedly want to take great pains to retain its original optimum condition. While there are numerous measures you can employ to prolong the lifespan of your car, the most significant responsibility that you will be upon you is ensuring that the vehicle receives sufficient servicing. However, when people are unfamiliar with this service, they tend to neglect it assuming that as long as their car is not making any weird motions and noises, then it is still in tiptop condition.

Is Your Vehicle's Alternator Failing? 3 Signs to Watch Out For

The alternator is a vital component of the electrical system of your car. One of its major functions is to recharge your car battery, which is crucial when it comes to starting the engine. Alternators can develop a problem or two down the line. When this happens, the major repair options are usually replacement, rebuilding or remanufacturing. Rebuilding is often a preferred method because it is cost effective, and when done correctly, the alternator will function as good as a new one.

What Might Be Wrong With Your Car's Steering

When your car's steering is acting up, you don't want to ignore or overlook this problem, as being able to easily and readily control a vehicle's steering is obviously very important for your safety, and the safety of everyone else on the road! You might avoid addressing a problem with the car's steering if you think repairs will be too expensive, but sometimes only a minor fix is needed to get your car under control once again.

Surprising Details That Might Be Inspected for a Vehicle's Roadworthy Certificate

Getting a vehicle's roadworthy certificate is often necessary if you want to renew the vehicle's registration or resell that vehicle. As you might expect, this roadworthy certificate checks major components like the brakes and steering; however, there are a few other details that might be checked during this inspection, and which might surprise you to know are part of that inspection. Note a few of those details here, so you know what you might be facing by way of needed repairs before your vehicle passes inspection.

What Might Be Wrong With Your Car's Cooling System

A vehicle's cooling systems is one of the most important systems under the hood, as even lightweight engines in family sedans will run very hot and will need to be properly cooled as they operate. If there is something wrong with any part of the radiator or cooling system, the engine will then suffer serious damage and may even just seize up and fail outright. If your car keeps running very hot, note a few troubleshooting tips for this system, and this can tell you what might need repair or replacement.

Watch Out for These Common Problems to Prevent Your Car Engine From Going Kaput

Your body turns the food you eat into useful energy through a process called digestion. In a similar vein, the engine on your car converts the fuel it is "fed" with into motion, but through a process referred to as internal combustion. Over time, you may notice a decline in your car's engine performance. Of course, this should be a cause for concern, as your car's overall performance may also deteriorate.

How to Build a Great Relationship With Your Mechanic

Many people dread a visit to the mechanic because they associate it with high repair costs and long periods without their car. It is true that there are mechanics out there who tend to take advantage of customers and make them pay excessive amounts for repairs. However, the vast majority of mechanics are honest and hardworking professionals who aim to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

3 Important Things To Do To Maximise Your Chances Of A quick Sale When Selling Your Car

If you're planning to sell your car so you can buy an upgraded model or you need the money for another investment, then you're probably hoping that you can sell it quickly. These days, achieving this isn't as simple as it might seem and you'll need to ensure that you take the right steps to get a quick sale. Here are the three most important things you can do to maximise your chances.

Why Prompt Action Should Be Taken When Transmissions Enter Limp Mode

Most car systems, such as the transmission system, are now controlled by computers. Those computers can lower the performance of the transmission to a basic level if a fault is detected. This article discusses why you should act quickly to fix the transmission of your car if the system goes into "limp mode". Reduced Fuel Economy The "limp mode" refers to a state in which the computer controlling the transmission keeps the car in only one gear so that further damage to the system is prevented.

How to Get to the Bottom of a Strange Vibration on Your Car

Do you pride yourself in your ability to get to the bottom of any problem? If so, you may be intrigued by a strange noise that only manifests itself when you drive your car around a right-hand bend. This issue only occurs when you're going in this direction and not in any other, and it's causing a certain amount of vibration, which you can feel through the steering wheel. You're intrigued.

How to Attach a Towbar to Your Vehicle

You may have been planning next year's family holiday and have decided that you are going to forsake any all-inclusive resort hotel and do your own thing. You're going to buy a caravan and really explore some of the magnificent country that you live in. However, in addition to choosing the right caravan, you've got to make sure that your vehicle will be able to tow it. What do you need to think about here?

3 Reasons Why Your Car Should Never Overheat & What to Do if it Does

If the mercury is threatening to blast out of the top of your thermometer, you are living through another Australian summer day. Everyone and everything is hot and it's scarcely surprising that your car is overheating, either. Or is it? Even though the temperature outside may be seriously toasty, your motor should never overheat. Why could this be something more serious and what do you need to be on the lookout for?

Beware of These Common Car Problems That Are Easy to Misdiagnose

Before your car can be repaired, it needs to be properly diagnosed; if a mechanic cannot pinpoint the real issue that's causing your car to act up, he or she can't make proper repairs and might even wind up making the problem worse. Note a few common car problems that are easy to misdiagnose so you ensure your car is repaired properly when it's experiencing problems. Pulling If your vehicle is pulling to one side, it often needs an alignment; however, there are many other reasons for this pull or drag, which an alignment might not fix.

Why Your Catalytic Converter May Be Failing Frequently

Are you wondering why your truck keeps developing catalytic converter problems? Read on and discover what you can do to prevent those problems from recurring. A Leaking Cooling System A leak in the cooling system of your truck can cause the catalytic converter to fail. For instance, the engine coolant can find its way into the combustion chambers of the truck's engine if the cylinder head gasket is damaged. The fluids cause the catalytic converter to become clogged to the extent that the engine will no longer perform well since exhaust gases cannot leave quickly enough to allow clean air to mix with fuel.

How to Figure out What's Wrong When Your Clutch Starts to Play up

When your car starts to play up, you'd better sit up and take notice. These early warning signs should prompt you to take action before it's too late. If you don't, the vehicle may fail and leave you stranded by the roadside. You don't have to be an expert car mechanic to figure out that things are starting to go wrong, and if you sense that there may be an issue with your clutch, what should you be focusing on right now?

Is Your Car Noisy When Cornering? What Is the Likely Issue?

The modern-day automobile is reliable and will certainly provide you with trustworthy everyday transportation, if you look after it properly. It's very weird for any component to fail suddenly, and if you're constantly aware of your car's performance, you can often predict a failure. Therefore, if you've noticed an unusual "clunking" sound when you're driving the car around a corner, what is the car trying to tell you? What Is the Likely Culprit?

Pros of Choosing To Have Your Engine Rebuilt

One of the most catastrophic problems that your car could develop is engine trouble. If your engine is malfunctioning, chances are your vehicle will be inoperable. Some of the common reasons why your engine may decline include a damaged pump, consistent overheating and more, which would lead to the various components in the engine to succumb to disrepair. When some motorists find out they have engine trouble, their first instinct is to replace the engine.

How You Can Avoid an Unnecessary Failure When Taking Your Car in for Inspection

Over the course of a typical year, hundreds of thousands of cars are submitted to an inspector for a roadworthiness test across the country. Many of these cars will pass the test first time, but a significant number won't. It's amazing how motorists approach this mandatory test, as if they fully expect the vehicle to pass without any effort on their part. This type of approach can lead to wasted time, money and effort, with a return visit necessary following modifications.

Buying Guide for Your Replacement Car Battery

Your car comprises so many different components and systems, all of which may need to be replaced at some point. One of the car components that you may need to replace is your car battery. You can sit back and let a car battery specialist replace your old battery, or you can replace the battery by yourself. If you are taking the DIY route, you will need to know how to go about the battery purchase process.

What Can a Mobile Mechanic Do?

Taking your vehicle into the shop can be time consuming, but luckily, many companies now offer mobile service. That's where a mechanic comes to your vehicle, rather than you taking your vehicle to the shop. What can a mechanic do without a full-scale garage behind him? Surprisingly, there's a lot of services offered by mobile mechanics. Take a look at some of the potential options. 1. Safety Check Driving is dangerous, and if your car is not in a state of good repair, that may put you at risk on the road.

How to Prolong Car Differential Life and Reduce Repair Costs

The differential in your car is responsible for ensuring that the wheels turn at different rates during various situations, such as when you are taking a corner. This is achieved through the gear and pinion system that distributes varying amounts of torque to the drive wheels. It is necessary to take care of this diff so that you reduce the frequency at which you have to conduct repairs to this system.